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chance meeting at the dog park - money hacks with joe

I visited our local dog park a couple of days ago, and had a very interesting encounter. I struggled as my psycho shepherd Duke dragged me into the dog park, where we met Joe and his dog Blue. Joe was very friendly and talkative - in his late fifties and recently retired - while I prayed Duke didn't lose his sh*t and jump on him, or get into a fight with Blue.

Side note - Duke's breed is called a Berger Picard, he's 1.5 years old, and all training attempts have failed. I found this breed because they were allegedly hypoallergenic, family friendly, didn't shed, and didn't need to be bathed often. Although stubborn, they can be trained. Only one of these is true - he's super sweet with kids, when he isn't jumping up and down terrifying them. Sigh.

Duke, my crazy Berger Picard

So as often happens when I meet new people, we somehow stumble into family finances. Maybe I have a trusting face, or I do whatever is needed to distract from my dog's behavior. Joe lights up - he tells me that he bought some books several years ago, and is very interested in personal finances. He and his wife moved down to our neighborhood about a year ago, they are both career military veterans, and he is pleased to say he's 59, retired, debt free, and doesn't stress about money at all. Do you know how rare this is?

He tells me his secret: No spend Mondays-Wednesdays. He says, "Ya, you know. Go get gas on Sunday, go to the grocery store, get ready for the week. Then no Starbucks, no 8, 10, $12 sandwiches. No money spent on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. That way, when Thursday rolls around, you know you are ready to get into and enjoy the weekend."

As a result of this simple habit, Joe can sit back, own his home, own two cars that are completely paid for, he and his wife paid for upgrades to their home in cash, receive two pensions, and have time and money to travel and enjoy retirement. No stress. Can you believe it? I really had to go back and soul search my own savings and spending habits.

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